Sometimes you’re after a quench — a refreshing quench at that. It could be a sparkler, a still white wine or a rosé. But you’re after something nice and dry, something buoyed with acidity and most certainly balanced. The good news? You’ll find it here.

J’s Cuvee XB, 12.5%. $45. What’s exceptional about this brut is it’s exceedingly dry. It has notes of stone fruit — nectarine — plus mineral and nut. This bubbly has bright and lively acidity, and finishes crisp.

Meadowcroft, 2015 Napa Valley Blanc de Blancs, 12.9%, $32. The winery’s first bottling of bubbly is a good effort. It has bright notes of melon, pear and mineral. Nice length. Pretty.

Gloria Ferrer, 2010 Anniversary Cuvee, 12%, $40. This sparkler is ⅔ pinot noir and ⅓ chardonnay. Notes of strawberry, melon and a hint of green apple. Nice Mousse. Impressive.

Three Sticks, 2015 Gaps Crown Chardonnay, 14.4%, $55. A blousy chardonnay kept in check with crisp acidity. Remarkable balance for a chardonnay with a big personality. Aromas and flavors of pear, melon and mineral.

Fogline Vineyards, 2016 Cloud 12 Vineyard Sonoma Coast Rosé, 14.8%, $28. A pretty rosé with bright and lively notes of watermelon, cherry, strawberry and mineral. Bright acidity. A crisp watermelon finish.