A 60-year-old man on probation for driving under the influence was arrested Friday afternoon in Sebastopol on suspicion of driving drunk and resisting arrest.

Steven Charles Price, a Sebastopol resident, was booked Friday into Sonoma County Jail after police said he ignored a patrol car’s emergency lights and sirens and later physically resisted officers’ efforts to take him into custody.

Charges included driving under the influence, evading a peace officer and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $25,000.

Sebastopol police were dispatched about 12:45 p.m. to a report of a possibly intoxicated driver driving north on Highway 116 from the Bloomfield area toward Sebastopol.

Officers soon located Price driving along North Main Street near Healdsburg Avenue.

However, he ignored sirens and emergency lights and continued to his home, according to a press release.

There officers drew their weapons and ordered Price out of the vehicle. He initially complied, but then quickly got back into the vehicle, defying multiple commands to show his hands.

He next emerged from the vehicle, holding a backpack and “taunting the officers to shoot him,” the press release stated.

Price resisted officers when they grabbed him but was nonetheless arrested. His blood alcohol concentration was reported at 0.25 percent, more than three times the legal limit.

Police later learned that Price was on probation in Lake County for a previous DUI conviction.