The California Highway Patrol in the Santa Rosa made 16 DUI arrests from Friday to Sunday, the weekend typically marking the beginning of the summer driving season when police see an increase in DUI arrests.

In winter and spring months, CHP officers typically make 10 to 15 DUI arrests a weekend, increasing to 15 to 20 during summer, Officer Jon Sloat, CHP spokesman, said.

Among the arrests was the driver of a red Ford Ranger who was spotted driving erratically northbound on Highway 101 around 8:45 p.m. Friday, according to a CHP press release.

When an officer stopped the pickup he found Jessica Powell, 30, of Santa Rosa, at the wheel and two children — ages 6 and 4 — inside. Powell had prior DUI convictions and was driving on a suspended license.

The children were taken to the CHP in Rohnert Park and picked up by their father, Sloat said. Powell was taken to Sonoma County Jail and booked on suspicion of DUI, child endangerment, driving on a suspended license and violation of probation.

Although not DUI-related, the arrest of Brandon Davis, 30, of Calistoga, just before midnight Sunday in Santa Rosa was noteworthy.

According to CHP, after Davis had been pulled over for driving more than 100 mph, he offered the officer money to let him go. Instead, he was booked in Sonoma County Jail for excessive speed, driving without a license and attempting to bribe an officer, Sloat said.