Former Stanford University student Brock Turner is the definition of rape, at least according to one criminology textbook.

As reported in The Daily Dot, the college swimmer who famously served only three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious female student behind a dumpster one night in 2015, is featured in an edition of "Introduction to Criminal Justice" next to the definition of rape.

Washington State University student Hannah Kendall Shuman shared a photo of the page on Facebook last week.

(See the book for yourself here. Go to page 20 to see the photo.)

"He may have been able to get out of prison time but in my Criminal Justice 101 textbook, Brock Turner is the definition of rape, so he’s got that goin for him,” the 18-year-old wrote in her post.

After being released from jail, Turner moved back to his home state of Ohio where he had to register as a sex offender.