CHP officers targeted speeding drivers Tuesday along Lakeville Highway and issued almost four dozen citations along the busy, rural route.

The 45 citations included one for a driver going 88 mph — the fastest speed detected in the four‑hour effort, CHP Sgt. Al Capurro said — and two for suspended licenses.

“It’s historically been one of Sonoma County’s most dangerous roadways and we are going to continue these increased enforcement efforts to address this issue the best we possibly can,” Capurro said. “We’ve been having a lot of complaints from citizens of people speeding, passing over double yellow lines.”

The latest Lakeville Highway fatal crash occurred April 24, just inside Petaluma city limits. The early morning six‑vehicle collision killed a distinguished marine biologist on her way from Bodega Bay to UC Davis.

The northern end begins with a 45 mph zone and extends south at 55 mph and two lanes with no dividing barrier. The highway of sweeping turns and straightaways lined by stretches of large eucalyptus trees cuts through old south county farm and ranchlands. At the southern end, Lakeville ends at Highway 37 where the route branches out to Marin, Solano and Napa counties, making it a popular alternative to Highway 101.

In the last few decades there have been dozens of fatal and major‑injury crashes, often involving speeding or impaired drivers.

On Tuesday, five officers on motorcycles and in patrol cars worked during and after the morning commute. One officer used a lidar speed reader and reported to officers waiting up ahead which vehicles to stop.

Added enforcement will include more officers on the highway during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Capurro said.

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