Angel the Longhorn has lived with surviving members of her family at temporary digs in Penngrove since the Tubbs fire killed Valerie Evans at the clan's simple ranch along the west edge of Highway 101, a stone's throw from Coffey Park.

As flames closed in, Valerie and her partner, Glyn, gathered up the animals. Valerie could have escaped but chose to run back into the house to grab her old dog, Scooter.

She died trying.

Today, admirers are calling out for help to bring Glyn and Angel and the rest of the family and menagerie back to the land, beside the highway that bears a billboard with Angel’s photo and a tribute to Valerie.

Leading the effort is “Trapper Dave” Yarger, one of our most heroic and determined post-fire cat rescuers. He said Glyn and Valerie were underinsured, and Glyn needs help purchasing a modular home.

Yarger has created a GoFundMe page to help Glyn. To donate, go to