A 21-year-old Santa Rosa man arrested after police found 12 pounds of methamphetamine in his bedroom was handed a seven-year, eight-month prison term, the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday.

Ersain Alcantar-Reyes pleaded no contest in August in Sonoma County Superior Court to possessing methamphetamine for sale and admitted to a sentencing enhancement for possession of more than four kilograms of the drug. Twelve pounds of methamphetamine contains thousands of doses and are worth roughly $9,600, police said.

Detectives arrested Alcantar-Reyes while investigating a suspected methamphetamine distribution network involving his family. After his arrest, Alcantar-Reyes said he was acting alone in the drug sales, prosecutors said. Officers found the drugs in his bedroom at an Ashbury Avenue house near Doyle Community Park.

Alcantar-Reyes will serve his sentence in the Sonoma County Jail due to laws aimed at reducing overcrowding in California’s prisons.