As survivors of the October 2017 wildfires rebuild their houses, it's about more than beams and concrete — it's about rebuilding home.

On Thursday, Bob and Shirley Cheal saw their new home in Fountaingrove begin to come to life again as construction crews used a towering crane to begin assembling the modular framework. The Cheals' previous home was destroyed in the Tubbs fire.

There to make sure they weren't alone in the celebration were some of the Cheals' musically inclined friends, who happily sang "Homeward Bound" as the crews placed the structure.

The music matched the moment, as well as the vibe of the entire neighborhood, which has been abuzz with construction activity.

The Cheals are joining others choosing to rebuild using modular homes, and said earlier this year that having most of the home constructed in a factory made for a much easier project.

“We don’t have to fight for labor and supplies to build this,” said Bob Cheal.