Three Highway 101 collisions between northern Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa snarled Monday morning’s commute traffic, but no major injuries occurred, according to the CHP.

The damaged vehicles initially blocked highway lanes but were quickly moved to the shoulder. Northbound traffic backed down beyond the Rohnert Park Expressway.

About 8:30 a.m., drivers collided near the Santa Rosa Avenue over‑crossing, followed by two crashes near Golf Course Drive, CHP Officer Steve Fricke said.

Traffic in that stretch already had slowed an hour earlier due to a three‑car highway collision near Todd Road. That crash also involved damaged vehicles but no injuries, Fricke said.

Roadways were slick early Monday in some areas due to light rainfall.

“Drivers need to be reminded that they need to slow down and give themselves plenty of following distance in this wet weather,” Fricke said in an email. “If not, they are following to close and will not be able to stop in time and they will be found at fault.”

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