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Four strong women

EDITOR: It would be such sweet justice if Donald Trump is brought down with help from the testimony of four strong, patriotic women.

Fiona Hill, the Defense Department’s Laura Cooper, Pence aide Jennifer Williams, and Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch all showed extreme courage, putting their careers, and possibly lives, on the line to tell the truth. Especially Yovanovitch, who was fired and ordered to catch the next flight out of Ukraine on the same night she held a celebration for a Ukrainian activist who had acid thrown in her face and died four months later.

Now, if only some male members of the Republican Party would muster the courage to take a stand against this immoral president, we might survive the war that Russia is waging against our democracy. When Trump isn’t milking his position for more riches, his main objective seems to be helping Vladimir Putin.

I have to ask: Are men and women of the Republican Party afraid of possibly losing an election, or are they patriotic Americans who will honor their oaths of office? The fate of our country is in their hands and, hopefully, in their hearts, somewhere. They know the truth. Act on it.


Santa Rosa

Democrats’ sour grapes

EDITOR: Bob Canning’s wish for a different president for Christmas falls in line with the almost four years of unfulfilled Christmas wishes so longed for by the sour-grapes losers of the 2016 election (“A Christmas wish,” Letters, Monday).

The endless letters that pour into The Press Democrat wanting anyone but Donald Trump in the White House are exhausting and fruitless and critical without any justification except hate and contempt.

The coming landslide for Trump won’t grant your wish for Christmas 2020, either. However, it will give satisfaction to the millions of voters who back a politician who actually does what he says.

Hopefully then, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and the golden retriever can get back to doing what they do best, absolutely nothing. Exempt the golden retriever; he could care a less anyway. Just give him a bone. It will be more than the Democrats can deliver.


Santa Rosa

Watching runners

EDITOR: For the past couple months, I’ve had the enjoyment of watching the Maria Carrillo High School distance runners train. My dog and I walk a road where the runners practice and their coaches guide, encourage and support the team members. I can sense the dedication and determination of both coaches and runners.

It’s inspirational to watch the whole affair. The coaches should be, must be, complimented for their guidance, and the runners should be applauded for the physical and mental dedication to their training.

So congratulations to all of the distance runners from Maria Carrillo. They are all extraordinary people.


Santa Rosa

Saving heirlooms

EDITOR: I read the Thanksgiving Day story about firefighters saving the contents of a home, and I know just how Jeff Thomsen feels (“A race to save heirlooms,”).

About 20 years ago, my now-deceased father’s condo caught fire one night. He ran out but didn’t grab a single thing on his way out. The firefighters arrived within minutes. While they worked to put the fire out, they also labored to save our belongings.

They grabbed irreplaceable pictures, items we had collected on our travels, his medicines and his clothes. Most amazingly, a firefighter found our box of family photos, some over 100 years old, in an upstairs closet — which was where the fire started. They even covered the furniture downstairs to spare it from water damage while they doused upstairs.

This was something I would have never imagined, and to this day I am deeply grateful to those heroes who knew, like the firefighters in Thursday’s article, that the structure can always be rebuilt but the contents, those things that are tokens of our memories and our lives, are irreplaceable.

Those cherished items they saved are in my home now, and I think often of those firefighters who understood — probably better than anyone — the meaning that flames can eat away.


Rohnert Park

Our two choices

EDITOR: We Americans are living shorter lives due to working unending hours at highly stressful jobs that barely buy life’s necessities, eating the highly processed fast foods that advertisers begin brainwashing us for as soon as we can understand English and addictions to drugs that the pharmaceutical companies knew the dangers of decades ago, while being denied health care at every turn in order to save the insurance companies every dime possible (“Study: US life expectancy down again,” Nov. 27).

Even if we have a decent job due to a college education, student debt cripples us.

We have two choices. We can elect representatives who will pass tax and regulatory codes that ensure that our economy blesses us all, every one, or we can follow the dictates of the Wall Street robber barons and let them die and reduce the excess population. It will leave that many more, insecure, high stress, minimum wage jobs for the rest of us.


Santa Rosa

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