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Time for a repayment

EDITOR: I pray that banks and mortgage lenders suspend all payments due for 60 days during this viral crisis as payback for our 2008 bailout.

A family needs to be free of the stress of being kicked out of their homes. I know this because my prior rental was put up for sale exactly a year ago, and I cannot imagine having to move in today’s environment.

Anxiety and depression have been clinically proven to exasperate physical conditions. Wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to concentrate on our neighbors and loved ones in their homes — to either remain healthy or, if possible, to recover outside a hospital setting?

It’s what we taxpayers should expect after 2008’s bailout, and I imagine stockholders would help the masses by not collecting at the expense of American families. I know this would make a huge difference to the average American.


Santa Rosa

Losing our freedom

EDITOR: I am wondering how many people in Sonoma County are truly comfortable with our government insisting that we lose our freedom and stay home because of a virus. Something is wrong here.

We are a county of 300 million people. Currently, deaths in our entire country from the coronovirus are in the hundreds. Deaths from the flu virus this year are 20,000 or more, but there is no shelter-in-place order for that.

I used to get colds frequently, but with increased sanitation and hygiene measures viruses haven’t been a problem. Taking responsibility for our health should be common sense. Those more susceptible to viruses, such as those already ill or elderly, need to be more cautious.

America is a country founded on freedom. Currently, we are being told how to think, act and feel, and our economy and lifestyle are suffering unnecessarily.

Let’s get back to work, America. We will continue to see new viruses and illnesses emerge as we have in the past. Overreaction is inappropriate.

It is time to stop this insanity and return to the freedom our nation was founded on.


Santa Rosa

McConnell’s opponent

EDITOR: As a registered Republican I want it known that Mitch McConnell, our complicit U.S. senator from Kentucky who has done more damage to the United States than all current and former foreign adversaries combined, is being challenged by Democrat Amy McGrath, who is a mother, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a retired lieutenant colonel and combat pilot in the Marine Corps, with a master’s degree in global security from Johns Hopkins University.

America needs her, now. Support Amy McGrath, and send Mitch McConnell packing, forever.


Santa Rosa

Trump’s credibility

EDITOR: Polls show that most Americans don’t trust Donald Trump to give the public accurate information about the new strain of coronavirus, a reward for having a history of misleading the public.

Last week, the man with bone spurs invoked the Defense Production Act and began calling himself a “wartime” president, because of a virus. Sounds heroic. He has also said that anyone who wants a beautiful test can get one, although at the county level there’s a need to be more discriminating.

The populist president offered to cut payroll taxes, which pay for “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare, thereby making any piece of that pie a little smaller.

Recalling that sending money to Americans helped George W. Bush get reelected, Trump would like to send money to Americans now to mitigate the effects of an economic downturn during an election year.

He’d also like to help out some of the industries that recently received what he calls the biggest tax cut in history. We’re singing the tune of a couple trillion dollars all together.

It has me wondering what Plan B is, if “shelter in place” stretches from two weeks into 18 months, when our government has a couple trillion dollars less to work with.



Relax privacy rules

EDITOR: A more direct approach to stopping COVID-19 in the United States and locally is needed. The precautions and advice that are in place are important and should be followed. I believe where we are missing the boat is in our testing for the disease and our transparency as to who is infected.

We know the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act protects the privacy of patients, but in the case of coronavirus infections transparency is needed. If I was infected with COVID-19, I most certainly would want everyone who I came in contact with to be notified, tested and quarantined if necessary. Like a good hound dog does, the trail needs to be diligently followed. Taiwan has had great success using this strategy in containing the virus.


Santa Rosa

Putting school on TV

EDITOR: There are two local access TV channels for Santa Rosa, city of Santa Rosa (Channel 28) and Santa Rosa educational (Channel 27) on Xfinity. One option for the educators from our schools is to utilize time slots on these or our two local PBS stations to provide regular programming with grade-specific class work for students. Not everyone has access to the internet, especially with the current county library closures. These same classes could be offered online or on YouTube. This may be an option to keep students engaged and ready to progress to the next grade.


Santa Rosa

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