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Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, nearly 1.5 million people used their mobile devices to visit our sites.
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We don't just cover the North Bay. We live here.
Did You Know? In the first 10 days of the North Bay fire, we posted 390 stories about the fire. And they were shared nearly 137,000 times.
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Unequal treatment

EDITOR: It is unbelievable to me that FEMA cannot help the owners of the few remaining mobile homes in Journey’s End Mobile Home Park (“Journey’s End owner won’t be rebuilding,” Monday). These homes were unscathed by the recent firestorm, but the owners are prohibited by law to live in their homes as all of the infrastructure has been destroyed.

How is this any different from those owners receiving aid for temporary housing because their houses burned to the ground? There is something very wrong with a federal agency that will only help some of the people rendered homeless by the same catastrophic natural disaster.


Santa Rosa

Democrats and Nunes

EDITOR: Jennifer Rubin’s extensive article on Feb. 3, meant to discredit Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo, must have come as a surprise to the Democratic leaders and Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee (“Nunes drops his memo: This is it?”). If the Nunes memo is as vacuous as Rubin concluded, why were Democrats so adamantly against its release?



Misquoting Trump

EDITOR: OK, enough. I’m tired of people taking comments out of context to promote personal agendas.

My family came to this country shortly after the Mayflower landed. They came to escape persecution in England. They came legally. They had dreams. I was born here more than 71 years ago, and I have dreams. So when some people get irritated because Donald Trump states that even Americans have dreams, it becomes obvious that those people have lost contact with reality.

By Wanda Hale’s skewed logic (“Enigmatic Trump,” Letters, Feb. 7), even she isn’t allowed to have dreams, i.e. be a dreamer. I guess she thinks that when DACA Dreamers become U.S. citizens, they aren’t allowed to be dreamers anymore. (Note the different meaning between Dreamers and dreamers.) My advice to Hale and others, don’t be guilty of taking anyone’s comments out of context. Fake quoting is just as dangerous, perhaps even more so, as fake news.

I am not a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t mean give me the right to misquote him. I support truth no matter what someone’s opinion is. Intentionally taking a comment out of context is the same thing as intentionally misquoting that person. That is dishonest by definition.


Rohnert Park

A triumph for Trump

EDITOR: I like columnist Dana Milbank’s idea that President Donald Trump should stage a Roman triumph ceremony in the nation’s capital to satisfy his lust for a display of military might, instead of having a parade that echoes the Soviet era parades in Red Square or the Nazi parades down the Unter den Linden in Berlin (“A parade? Trump needs a Roman triumph,” Saturday).

The best part of thus emulating the Romans would be that the person being celebrated (Trump) would, in the Roman tradition, be required to pay the expenses of the occasion.


Witter Springs

Judge blackballed

EDITOR: I appreciate the article exposing the virtual blackballing of Sonoma County Judge Peter Ottenweller from hearing cases by District Attorney Jill Ravitch and his being moved to a less-visible courtroom (“After many challenges, judge removed,” Feb. 4).

Just because Sonoma County prosecutors have singled out judges for disqualifications before doesn’t mean that is how we need to proceed now and into the future. I appreciate the term “judge-shopping.”

This county needs to have on its bench a variety of judges with various backgrounds, including public defenders, defense attorneys and prosecutors.

I don’t want to see our courts driven with an iron fist in one direction and molded by a single individual’s idea of justice and appropriate sentencing. This is, after all, Sonoma County, a very progressive and caring county, as we have witnessed these past few months.

Let us extend that compassion to all parts of our society, including those accused of a crime and awaiting trial as well as the judicial bench and the District Attorney’s Office.



Price-gouging loopholes

EDITOR: After the fires were put to rest, everyone was made aware that price gouging on essential services wouldn’t be tolerated. I was in full support of this action. But, as in so many efforts to right the wrongs that occur in our society, the district attorney has provided a net that allows corporate America (hotels) to gouge and slip through a loophole.

Why? Because hotel prices often fluctuate. Can you swallow that one when Motel 6 was getting $250-a-day post fire? That led insurance companies to cold call numerous landlords and offer prices much higher than their current renters were paying. But they too are not guilty. Why? Because they deny any responsibility.

Then there are the people who, out of the goodness of their hearts, have made their homes available to fire victims. They also aren’t guilty in any way, even though they are spending the next couple of years in exotic locations with enough rent money left over to live like royalty. Again, a loophole for the wealthy to benefit without soiling their hands.

When the net has closed, who remains? The landlords who rent for a living and pay taxes. Price gouging is price gouging. Punish one, punish all.



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