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Caring for seniors

EDITOR: I concur with Patricia Sanborn (“Responsible seniors,” Letters, March 10), who managed the care of several residents of Villa Capri, the elder care facility that was destroyed in the Tubbs fire and whose owners have been sued. I join her criticism of the facility’s claim that residents were responsible because they didn’t take “the proper care and precautions (that) a reasonabl(y) prudent person under the same or similar circumstances would have exercised.”

I would add that Villa Capri existed to provide care and assistance to a population of impaired, elderly individuals; residents are there because they require assistance due to age-related deficiencies, whether physical or psychological, that prevent their living alone. In accepting them as residents, Villa Capri realized their impairments and deficiencies and agreed to provide that assistance — without exceptions.

It is unconscionable, in my view, to impose the standard of a “reasonably prudent person” on these impaired elderly residents, especially because the “same or similar circumstances” amounted to a life-threatening fire.


Santa Rosa

Trump’s leadership

EDITOR: Congratulations to President Donald Trump for his leadership success, foreign and domestic. ISIS has been defused, North Korea wishes to caucus, the economy is booming, jobs are returning, and Israel is rejoicing as our close ally.

By contrast, the George Soros-led progressive Democrats have pulled their party far left. Their global-order-socialist-communist movement is led by elite media journalists who now function as left-wing political operatives.

The left uses United Nations Agenda 21’s sustainable development and communitarianism, exploiting the environment as a weapon. Open borders, redistribution of wealth and seizure of private property are met head-on by the Trump administration, which prioritizes freedom over centralized planning and blind allegiance to the U.N.

At the local level, Rosa Koire of the Post Sustainablility Institute and Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates are involved with legal action against the Association of Bay Area Governments for imposing regionalization in violation of the Fifth and 14th Amendments. ABAG’s One Bay Area Plan impacts citizens and voters in nine counties and 101 cities. This plan is a U.N. Agenda 21 prototype program and is overly directive in how people should lead their lives.

Trump, Koire and Shaw are American patriots saving freedoms of citizens at different levels.


Fort Bragg

Pensions and services

EDITOR: Saturday’s front-page article about reduced mental health services (“Cuts imperil safety net”) should be placed next to an article about Sonoma County pension costs, so we can be reminded of the large and growing budget obligation to outlandish pensions (99 percent of salary for some). Residents are losing out, and we need to be reminded why.

Most employees deserve and receive reasonable pensions, but the fox was in the henhouse when agreements were made that aren’t sustainable. Can we have an update on the lawsuit trying to right this wrong?

Every cut in services, road repairs, etc. should refer to this fiasco that is degrading quality of life for most while supporting a few retirees with unconscionable pension benefits.


Santa Rosa

Racial equality

EDITOR: This is in response to John Travinsky’s letter (“Trading places,” March 10), which compares current California Democrats use of states’ rights to “nullify” federal immigration laws to Southern Democratic governors in the 1950s and ’60s who claimed states’ rights superseded federal laws regarding desegregation and civil rights.

It’s so tiring to hear repeated claims by conservatives, using this and similar arguments, of Democrats being hypocrites regarding racial equality. Yes, it’s true that during that time, many Southern Democrats supported ongoing repression of civil rights, but it was the Democratic Party under Lyndon Johnson, combined with non-Southern Democrats and some Republicans, mainly from the Northeast, who supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The percentage of Northern Democrats who voted for the act was higher than the percentage of Northern Republicans who voted in favor of it. (Incidentally, all 11 Southern Republican congressmen voted against it). After it was enacted, most of the Southern Democrats soon changed parties and became Republicans.

Oh, and by the way, the patron saint of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, didn’t support the Civil Rights Act.



Trump and California

EDITOR: With California having 10 percent of this nation’s population and the world’s sixth-largest economy, you would think our president would be proud of this state.

For every one dollar that we send to the federal government, we get back 71 cents. With the federal government’s multi-trillion dollar debt, our government needs the income that California provides. This state also produces 70 percent of the fresh produce consumed by this nation.

With some of the lowest unemployment, we need all of our population on the job. Donald Trump threatens our workers with deportation because of his views on non-U.S. citizens. Most have been here for many years. They’re hardworking, and some served in the armed services, own businesses and are raising families.

It is also their hard-earned and taxed dollars that get sent to the federal government. What is this man thinking, or does he think at all? Sounds like he shoots from the hip and hopes he finds a target to hit.



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