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End capital punishment

EDITOR: I certainly agree with Pope Francis regarding the death penalty, but I was interested that there was no mention in the article of that fact that, on many occasions, innocent people have been put to death (“Pope: Executions inadmissible,” Aug. 3).

With DNA and late confessions, it’s known that there have been many wrongly executed. If one life is ended due to an error, that is enough to make the death penalty obsolete.

Life without parole protects the innocent. What’s wrong with that?


Santa Rosa

Missed anniversary

EDITOR: If The Press Democrat had an article in Monday’s paper about the 73rd anniversary of an American B-29 bomber dropping the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan, I must have missed it. The Little Boy uranium bomb wiped out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people, and tens of thousands more would later succumb to the effects of radiation.

Do humans remember their mistakes? You think?


Monte Rio

Santa Rosa housing plans

EDITOR: On July 26, I attended the Santa Rosa density-bonus ordinance update meeting concerning a new state law that allows cities to increase housing density and concentration of housing in chosen areas.

The goal is to get more affordable housing built, but the reality is that the proposal would ruin the city by allowing development to go higher than is allowed today and by increasing the concentration of denser housing.

Out of about 15 people who spoke out, 90 percent were against the plan, including a longtime affordable housing advocate. She was concerned that one day there could be a 67-foot apartment building overlooking her backyard.

Our City Council wants to create an urban city by taking its cue from Sacramento rather than from the residents. The council is obsessed with pushing development downtown, by transit hubs and, now, in the airport area.

Santa Rosa is fortunate to have lots of open land in the western part of the city. And while some have environmental concerns, there is plenty of open land to build all types of housing — middle-class housing for home ownership and rentals and affordable housing.

The correct housing policy should be to build everywhere.


Santa Rosa

The next governor

EDITOR: Gov. Jerry Brown is dealing with the present fire situation as it is currently. The mess is going to be left to his successor, whomever that may be. I would like to hear what our next governor is going to do with regard to cleanup and prevention of this so-called “new normal.” Maybe the local media can start focusing on our future state leadership and our issues instead of he who consumes Twitter.


Rohnert Park

Obama and Trump

EDITOR: I don’t know whether to laugh, or to concern myself with his delusion, regarding David Taylor’s comments about Donald Trump (“Promises kept,” Letters, July 31). His opinion that Barack Obama failed makes me lean toward the latter.

Trump’s economy is tracking just like the line Obama handed him, no better. He will, though, in October, get us back to trillion dollar deficits. He has alienated NATO, the European Union, Canada and Mexico — our allies.

As for our enemies, North Korea continues to expand its weapons, and Russia has again hacked our elections and was found looking to hobble our utilities.

Yes, it is shameful. It’s shameful to praise Trump. It also speaks to the character of those who continue to back this petulant tweeting man-child who hugs dictators.

I find it odd that the party that claims to be all about freedom doesn’t mind this president getting in bed with despots and doing nothing to safeguard our electoral system. In fact, he invited them to hack it. But that is the party of Trump, now.

Fortunately, the simple cure avails itself in November. I hope proper-thinking people take advantage of the privilege to vote these ideologues out.



Harming the cause

EDITOR: I am completely in favor of vegan diets. But attacking egg and/or other animal product farmers isn’t going to win anybody to the cause (“Protesters march targeted Petaluma egg farm,” July 31). And the moral argument is fatally flawed. In order to eat, we must exploit and kill other life forms. As far as we know, one life form is as alive as another.

Rather than attacking local business people, the foundation of our local economy, and spouting the kind of holier than thou mythology that we decry when we hear if from Republicans, we should emphasize the science behind a plant-based diet.

The fact is that the more plant-based one’s diet is, the healthier one is likely to be. Also, the meat industry produces as much greenhouse gas as the transportation industry. Greatly reducing it would be a big help in mitigating climate change. Consuming animal products at our current rate is killing us, our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren.

It’s time to change our ways.


Santa Rosa

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