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Focus on housing

EDITOR: I want to commend The Press Democrat for your continuing series of articles on the issue of affordable housing.

The article on Stephen Sotomayor was excellent (“Housing is his mission,” April 1), and the city of Healdsburg must be commended for hiring him. Reading through the article, it was clear that the competing interests in Healdsburg will make his job a busy one. My hope is that he stays focused on developing more permanent affordable housing for all of the folks he mentioned in the article.

Developing affordable and workforce housing in high-cost towns like Healdsburg and other communities on the North Coast will be a major challenge.

Projects like the joint venture between Replay and Eden Housing (“Mill to be turned into 200 homes,” March 14) are good examples of increasing the supply of affordable housing and market-rate housing for the future.



A case of child abuse

EDITOR: Generally, kidnapping occurs when a person, without lawful authority, physically moves another person without that other person’s consent, with the intent to use the abduction in connection with some other nefarious objective.

Using the above definitions of kidnapping, Donald Trump, our president, organized a mass kidnapping by abducting children from their parents in his family separation actions carried out by ordering the seizing of Mexican children forcibly from their parents, not even having the humanity of documenting who their parents are or the location of their homes.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Trump’s action is the worst case of child abuse of which I have ever heard. To support him is to condone a felonious atrocity beyond belief, regardless of anyone’s rationalizations or excuses.

I have been so sad for so long about Trump’s lack of compassion and racism that my sadness has now turned to anger, both at the weakness of our system to do anything about it and the pain in my heart which is breaking me down.


Redwood Valley

Taxes and fees

EDITOR: I woke up one recent morning and went to my favorite home improvement center. I purchased my supplies and paid my bill, which included a 9% sales tax and, now, a lumber fee for lumber purchased.

Gassing up my truck included combined federal and state taxes of 76.6 cents per gallon. I proceeded to pay my TV and utility bills, which contain some sort of user fee/tax, recovery charges and such.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s tax time, and I sent in my estimated federal and state taxes for the quarterly payment. Now I heard they have been discussing a fee on using my well for irrigation.

Enough is enough. Did you ever just sit back and see how much of your earnings go to taxes and fees? I think it’s time for another Boston Tea Party. Have a fun year paying all those taxes and fees.


Santa Rosa

Reading the paper

EDITOR: I am in agreement with Bob Higham (“Value of journalism,” Letters, March 26). I, too, subscribe to both The Press Democrat and the Argus-Courier, and I am concerned about the number of smaller newspapers across the country that have been bought out or simply shut down.

The evening news gives a one or two second sound bite and usually leaves one waiting for more information. Reading a newspaper gives one the greater picture and allows the brain to actually absorb and marinate on what has been read.

Sunday Review is the first and, in my opinion, the most important part of The Press Democrat. The Argus-Courier gives me local news and important historical items detailing the city’s past. The recent article about the Sonoma History and Genealogy Library was an especially interesting and informative article.

So, folks, support your local newspaper. Moms and dads set an example for your children. It sure beats reading that little screen on your phone, and a cup of coffee in the morning with the paper is a great way to start the day.



Outlaw all killings

EDITOR: A deputy sheriff shoots a teenager carrying a toy gun, because he believes that the gun is real and he is being threatened. It’s an outrage, and we demand justice.

A 3-year-old kills himself with a carelessly placed gun. It’s a tragedy, and we insist on better gun control.

Doctors kill thousands of unborn children every day because they think they aren’t really human. We call it health care and require taxpayers to fund it.

Please stop killing our children, all of them.


Santa Rosa

Trump’s example

EDITOR: In her letter praising President Donald Trump, Sandy Metzger failed to mention some items that I feel need to be discussed (“Trump’s achievements,” Saturday).

Our president fails to acknowledge climate change and its consequences and is working to open our coasts to oil exploration, which could lead to an environmental disaster. In addition, his marital infidelity isn’t the example a person with his responsibility should exhibit.

I feel we owe our future generations the same planet that we inherited and with moral values that, in my opinion, Trump lacks.


Rohnert Park

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