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War with the homeless

EDITOR: An article in Monday’s paper was headlined “RP adds $450K to ease crisis.” The article started by saying that the city of Rohnert Park has advanced progressive efforts to help combat rising homelessness and help the homeless. I was hoping that meant the city planned to provide a place with beds for the homeless, a safe place to camp with security and trash collection or even a shelter like COTS in Petaluma. But no.

The article went on to say that most of the money won’t be spent to help the homeless but instead to clean out their camps, tow away their vehicles and boost patrols. It appears Rohnert Park doesn’t want to provide services for the homeless, it wants to send them to Petaluma and ban overnight parking at city-owned lots.

Rohnert Park Vice Mayor Joe Callinan actually said that some homeless don’t want help, but just a free place to live. My goodness. Now a sidewalk is a free place to live. The headline should have read: “Rohnert Park plans to spend 450K going to war with homeless.”


Rohnert Park

Punishing gun owners

EDITOR: So Sacramento and Washington are once again rushing to pass restrictive gun laws that will only affect legitimate gun owners. How often do illegitimate gun owners request a concealed weapons permit? How do illegitimate gun owners obtain weapons? Will they pay the new tax on obtaining that gun? Will they pay the new fee on obtaining ammunition for that gun? And what about those restrictions on magazines being limited to so many rounds? How many “bad guys” abide by those laws?

All these recent gun laws only hamstring legitimate gun owners and do nothing about the ones who have guns illegitimately. These laws were passed to primarily satisfy those who want nothing to do with guns and to pacify those bleeding hearts because they screamed the loudest. And for legitimate gun owners, all that you are doing is crippling them with these restrictive laws.

The bills that are passed are apparently done by those who think they know what they are doing, and yet it shows how blind they are to what is happening around them. Wake up, representatives, to what you are actually doing. You are punishing legitimate gun owners.



Ask the French

EDITOR: Edward Thompson, Jr. (“A dismissive essay,” Letters, Friday) takes columnist Pete Golis to task for asserting that the baby boomers weren’t a transformational generation (“Baby boomers from Woodstock to Donald Trump,” Aug. 11). Instead, he claims that they were the most transformational generation since the Enlightenment.

According to Wikipedia, the Enlightenment lasted from about 1715 until about 1789 and the beginning of the French Revolution. Perhaps we should ask the French their opinion of that transformational generation.


Santa Rosa

Socialism, tech and 2020

EDITOR: We are witnessing a shift toward socialism within the Democratic Party. A number of young progressives favor this movement especially since some Democratic presidential candidates promise full payment of student loans.

Some might say, so what’s wrong with socialism? Allow me to share wisdom of economist Friedrich Hayek. In his classic book, “The Road to Serfdom,” Hayek said, “Democracy and Socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference, while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

We have another challenge to our forthcoming election, and that comes from high-tech bias favoring Democrats. Robert Epstein, a former editor in chief of Psychology Today, testified before Congress that Google can alter the vote count in favor of the Democratic nominee for president within a range of 2.6 million to 10.4 million votes.

We already know that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, was the largest donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

Let’s encourage congress to clean up big tech bias and then vote for what’s best for America.


Fort Bragg

Polluting waterways

EDITOR: Please stop writing articles that romanticize throwing plastic bottles into the ocean or rivers (“Messages in bottles stir speculation,” Friday). Sea life is dying and the earth is smothering under tons of castoff plastic. “Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments,” according to the Ocean Conservancy.

It is reprehensible, and a criminal offense, to drop a plastic bottle into the ocean. And it’s infuriating to read about self-serving people who have no regard for the quality of our environment and the health of sea life. If a bottle is found containing a note identifying the perpetrator, they deserve condemnation, not a puff piece.



Fair costs too much

EDITOR: Am I the only one who thinks the Sonoma County Fair is extremely overpriced (“Crowds thinner at fair again,” Aug. 13)? Just for me — not taking advantage of “special” days — to walk into the fair was $15 admission and $15 parking.

For that price this year, I got no Clydesdales, no reptiles, no environmental exhibit, no dock diving, no Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, no Bird Rescue Center. I couldn’t go in and pet the animals on display (if they were there) due to a special event. These are all exhibits I enjoyed in the past. The food selection was so-so.

I understand the problem with bird diseases, but from my vantage point it looks like they’re trying to charge as much as they can and give me as little as they can.


Rohnert Park

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