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Sonoma County businesses are depending on you to shop locally this year. Sonoma County Go Local estimates that shopping at locally-owned businesses creates more local jobs and puts more money in the hands of our local businesses and neighbors. That makes a big difference, especially during the holidays as many businesses here anticipate end-of-year sales to keep them in the black.

This year, shopping local means even more. As our community comes together to rebuild, Sonoma County businesses are looking towards an uncertain future. Shopping local makes an impact on the recovery effort. When we support Sonoma County’s unique shops, award-winning restaurants, and more, we share in the recovery effort and strengthen our community. Checking items off your list has never been more meaningful. Simply put, when you shop local, our community thrives. And while you are out shopping, we encourage you to share your experiences and purchases with friends using the #GoSoCo hashtag. This way, you can play a part in spreading this important message!

As we continue to come together and rebuild, it’s important that we each make that extra effort to express what makes this place so unique—our people and their passions and their entrepreneurial spirit. Through targeted communications that promote supporting local businesses and neighbors, we can bring residents and visitors into the recovery effort.

That’s why we’re partnering with the City of Santa Rosa and local chambers of commerce on the #GoSoCo campaign. We want to raise awareness of the inspiring work our local retailers do. We also hope to make it easier for shoppers to find these businesses and the incredible products and services they provide. We are honored to add our initiative to the array of amazing efforts dedicated to helping Sonoma County thrive.

To our friends from outside our community: There’s never been a better time to visit Sonoma County. Post fires, the hospitality industry is stronger, and more committed than ever to providing visitors with a world-class welcome and unforgettable experiences. Come visit us and see just what it means to #GoSoCo.

Thank you to all our business owners, neighbors, and friends that continually inspire us to be better partners and advocates for local businesses. When you have a choice this year, choose local.