On Day 13 of their attempt to ascend Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan rock formation using the never-climbed Dawn Wall route, Kevin Jorgeson rested while Tommy Caldwell forged ahead.

Jorgeson, a Santa Rosa native, is stuck on Pitch 15 of the 32-pitch (or 32-section) route, a right-to-left traverse that necessitates tiny and razor-sharp hand holds. Several fingertips on his right hand have been sliced open, and Jorgeson took Thursday off in an attempt to let them heal.

When last seen late Wednesday night, Caldwell was trying to complete Pitch 18, higher on the 3,000-foot granite rock face. Neither climber updated his Facebook or Instagram account Thursday. If Jorgeson continues to struggle on Pitch 15, he will soon have to decide whether to give up the pursuit or ask Caldwell to wait for him.