Column not funny

EDITOR: I am surprised that Phil Barber’s column (“Summer events made for winter,” Feb. 22) was OK’d to print. It was completely demeaning to those of us who DO feel amazed by the Olympics. Not until the second paragraph does he try to dial back the snark — “I am not bashing the athletes. Well, maybe the curlers” — what? He IS bashing all of the athletes. Althetes who spend four years preparing to compete in their sport on the grandest stage. Barber states, “I just don’t get (the Winter Olympics). I feel no connection.” He is offended by everything to do with the Winter Olympics — ”Enough of the white background already.”

Barber tells us that he does not “feel patriotism from the Winter Olympics” and that hockey “is the weird uncle at the family table of North American sports.” I wonder if he watched the USA-Canada women’s hockey game. The U.S. women won the gold medal in an amazing nail-biter of a game. There was nothing “weird” about those strong women and I sure felt patriotic watching them skate with American flags held above their heads after the game.

Barber tells us that “It’s time to rearrange the games.” This narcissistic declaration leads the reader into 11 inane, ridiculous and snarky ideas for changing the Olympics that he, by his own admission, doesn’t “get.” I love The Press Democrat, but I am mad that this dreck found its way to the front page, above the fold, of the PD sports section.

Barber owes Press Democrat-reading Olympics super-fans and the curlers of the world an apology.


Games not about winning

EDITOR: I was appalled at the Associated Press article by Tim Dahlberg (“U.S. team red, white and bruised,” Feb 19). According to him, the Olympics are all about the medal count. “One medal for every 32 million Americans.” Using those numbers, I’d like to point out that it also means one athlete for every 1,327,800 Americans. I fall into the latter category. It’s not all about gold, silver or bronze; it’s about being the best athlete you can be and having the best sportsmanship you can demonstrate. How about let’s focus on how wonderful these men and women are and be proud as Americans that we have them representing us?


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